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منشورات المؤتمر الدولي الثالث للعلوم التقنية

هندسة نظم القدرة الكهربائية وأنظمة التحكم

ر.ترقم الورقةالمشاركونالعنوان
1 EC 2002Abdelbaset Mohamed Aldbre, Dr. Glynn AtkinsonComputational modeling of stator flux and rotor waves of a three- phase synchronous generator
2 EC 1003Abedallah Bengzzi , Ahmed Ali ElbaregThe effect of Controllers Actions on Power System Stability by Coherency-based Equivalent Model
3 EC 4004نور الدين أحمد حامد، عبد الله علي المسلاتي، إسحاق يوسف الأرباحتصميم قائد آلي للتحكم في زورق عن بعد
4 EC 3006Mohamed Elmahdi Shaglouf , El-Sharif Abdalla OmerDesign and simulation on frequency characteristics of the silicon beam resonator attached to an square diaphragm for Pressure sensor
5 EC 1010Ahmed S. Khames , Ali A. Lesewed , Ali O. Al-Mathnani , Anis S. Bakkory , Ashraf Hamza Synthesis of Sliding mode control for heat exchanger
6 EC 1011Akrem Mohamed Elrajoubi.Simulation and Design of UPFC Application in Distribution System
7 EC 1013Mohamed A. Darfoun , Ibrahim A. Elagtal , Mouna A. Frahat , Abdulhakim A. NasrContingency Analysis of Western Libyan Power Grid using Performance Index
8 EC 2014A.Elzowawi , O.Wafa , M.ElsherifThe impact of the capacitors of the HCML inverter in comparison with the CHB inverter
9 EC 1016Ibrahim A. Farhat A Dynamic Bacterial Foraging Search Algorithm for Maximum Loadability of Power Systems
10 EC 1017Ahmed Ehmaida Esmaiio , Mohamed Milad Beiek , Hamza Emhemed Hebrisha , Ali Abdulhamid Elabbadi increasing charging efficiency in solar panel system by using microcontroller based fuzzy
11 EC 1019Ahmed Altaher , Abubaker Khomsi , Hassan Madi , Yuosef AdraiderBayesian approach to diagnose cyber-physical failures: implementation for digital substation automation and communication systems
12 EC 1021Aiman NOUH Development of Simulations Tool Grouping most Power Electronics Circuits for Teaching Purpose
13 EC 4023صلاح علي أبوليفةالتحكم في الجهد والتردد لقيادة المحركات الحثية ثلاثية الأطوار , ستخدام الأردوينو